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‘ I know I have bad posture’ is the single most common phrase we hear when someone consults us for back pain, neck pain or headaches. 

But what is bad posture? 

We all have preconceptions of what our posture should be, but rarely does it match what it actually is.

Almost all of us experience pain and stiffness in our back and neck at one time or another which we put down to our poor posture.

We’ve all been told to stand up straight with our shoulders back, which can be good advice, but how do we remember to do it when we are engrossed in our daily lives?

Almost all mechanical back pain is caused by problems of how you place your weight when you stand, and even when you sit.


The real key to good posture is not how you position yourself,

but how you control your balance when you are standing

and when you are on the move.

Controlling your balance, stimulates your postural system

and supports your spine

Introducing Our Perfect Posture Program

The Perfect Posture Program has been developed by Osteopath Dr Tony Tranfield from 25 years of rehabilitation of chronic back pain, and 10 years of measuring balance and analysing posture with computerised posturography.

The purpose of the program is to teach you how your postural system works, so that you can use it in any situation , whether you are standing at a meeting, sitting at your desk or putting your child in the back of the car.

This program is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their posture from children aged eight and above, right through to seniors.

It starts with a balance test where we measure how stable you are, and assess your particular postural characteristics.

Then over six weeks of guided instruction and exercises, we take you through our six principles that activate your postural system, and strengthen and re-educate your spine to work the way it was meant to.

In particular, we teach you the keys to getting the right balance when you stand, how to activate the right muscles when you sit or when you lift an object, and much more.

Posture is about balance.

It is the ability to manage the tensions placed on our body by the effects of gravity in any given moment by shifting our weight in the most efficient manner.

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The First Step Is To Have Your Balance Tested

Once we’ve tested your balance, we will know straight away if this program is suitable for you, and the analysis that we get enables us to efficiently target your particular postural characteristics.

How we control our centre of balance is crucial for all the things we take for granted, like getting out of chair, walking and more complex activities like lifting children or playing tennis.

Most people have no idea how stable they are or how efficiently they move, or even if they are at risk of having a fall.

Having an objective postural analysis and your balance measured, changes your perception of what posture is, and why it’s important to your health. It also provides us with the objective data we require to repair your back, and teach you how to prevent your back pain from returning.

Almost all mechanical back pain is caused by problems of how you place your weight when you stand, when you sit and when you move.

Join Us For a Free Class

Not sure if you need to take this program? Join us for an Introduction to Perfect Posture Class. The first Wednesday evening of every month, we run an hour long class where we teach the fundamentals of posture.

We explain what posture is, and why it is fundamental to moving well, maintaining good balance and preventing yourself from getting back pain.

This is a knowledge rather than an information class. It is experienceiental.

By the end of the evening you will have an understanding of what your right posture feels like in your body.

These classes are informal and small groups,  Bookings are essential.


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