Situated In Narrabeen By the Lake On Sydney’s Scenic Northern Beaches, Beaches Osteopathic Centre Was Formed By Practice Principal Dr Tony Tranfield In 1999.

boc map 1The practice moved to its present site in Wellington Street, which was officially opened by the then Minister for Health & Ageing, The Honourable Tony Abbott MP in 2005.

We have a Patient-centric approach … rather than disease-centric, which means that our team assesses and treats you according to your individual situation, needs and goals rather than a set protocol prescribed by your condition.

Whilst we manage all manner of musculoskeletal complaints, our special interest is in posture, balance and movement. We have developed our own proprietary rehabilitation programs for posture, back pain, balance and movement using research grade computerised posturographic measuring equipment.

Our Philosophy

 Sometimes when you are in pain, it can be difficult to know who you should see, the choices can be confusing and it is natural to be fixated on ‘the problem’ and not see the bigger picture.

It is easy to see pain as ‘the problem’, but in most cases pain is ‘the symptom’ that has motivated you to seek help.

So before we get into the details of the ‘What’ of your concern, we need to know your ‘Why

We want to know  what has brought you to this point, and what inspires you, so that we can build a process with you that aids you in your recovery journey.

Change takes effort and it takes a method. Often we find that it is uncertainty and a lack of a clear path that is the real road block to recovery.

Our purpose is to empower you with an understanding of your problem, to instil the habits to prevent it returning, and to give you the skills to maintain your own better health in the future.

While your focus is with your problem, ours is with getting you to move with greater efficiency and awareness.

We build all our recovery  programs with this philosophy in mind. They are as much an education process, as they are therapy process.

‘The buzz’ we get is in helping you to participate more fully in your life.

Who We Are

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Dr Tony Tranfield (Osteopath)

Tony Tranfield is an Osteopath of over 20 years with a special interest in neurological rehabilitation, and in particular, the rehabilitation of posture, movement and balance. He has had a practice in on Sydney’s Northern Beaches since 1999.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is osteopathy covered by Medicare?

Yes. It is covered under the Medicare Plus Scheme called “Chronic Disease Management (CDM)”, formerly known as “Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)”. Medicare Plus was implemented as part of the Safety Net to enable people with chronic and/or long standing conditions who were seeing an Osteopath, Dentist, Podiatrist or other “Allied Health Care Practitioners” to receive a rebate from Medicare. People not in a health fund, or whose health fund rebate has run out, may be eligible.

In order to receive a rebate, you need to have been referred by a GP and provide the paperwork (claim form and treatment plan) to our practice. The maximum of rebated consultations permitted per year is 5.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No. All you need is to telephone or email for an appointment. We will see emergencies on the same day. We can contact your GP if you wish.

How many treatments will I need?

This is individual to each patient depending on the nature and severity of the complaint, and your health goals.  

We place a lot of emphysis on treatment planning, which includes discussing the nature of the complaint and your health goals.

Will I have my "joints cracked"?

Osteopathic treatment consists of many different manual treatment methods, including joint manipulation. 

Most of the treatment will comprise of muscle and connective tissue stretches and  joint articulations. However where a joint is not moving normally, it may require manipulation to improve its range of motion.

Joint manipulation is a highly specific procedure applied with a great deal of sensitivity and skill. Osteopaths are trained to recognise conditions that are inappropriate for joint manipulation.

We see patients who are unwilling to have joint manipulation all the time. There are always other osteopathic procedures that are effective, though in some cases this might lengthen the course of treatment.

What shouldn’t I do after treatment?

After a treatment, it is not advisable to do any lifting or carrying and, if possible, no heavy shopping, housework or strong exercise.

Following the treatment, the muscles will be relaxed and the joints are loosened up. If you over-strain yourself at this time the injury could aggravate your problem, or even do further damage. If you are currently working while having treatment then try and rest in your break times.

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