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Our Approach to Spinal Care

1 March 2018

We have 30 years plus experience in treating spinal ailments.

When we are talking about spinal ailments, we are thinking about primarily problems of mechanical origin which make up the vast majority of back pain and neck pain.

Short term spinal pain usually resolves itself in a matter of days. However if it is a issue that has extended into weeks, months or years then it is a sign of an underlying problem that needs to be properly investigated.

When considering treatment, there are three phases that we address:

  1. getting the inflammation down (Getting you out of pain)
  2. getting the spinal joints moving and repairing soft tissue damage
  3. reeducation of the postural system to prevent the problem returning

In some cases back pain can be resolved in a few consulations, in others however it’s necessary to take a longer term approach.

We have two programs that we have developed to address long term spinal problems.

The first is our Postural Education Program. This is an injury prevention education program that teaches you how your postural system is meant to work and how to use it in every day situations; such as standing at a soccer game or lifting your child.  This program is suitable for anyone, from children aged eight and above to seniors. We have successfully helped people in their eighty’s regain their mobility with this program. It has bee developed from years of rehabilitating patients with chronic lower back pain and from years of postural analysis using a tool called computerised posturography. You can learn more about this program here.

The second is our Postural Rehabilitation Program. Designed for people with chronic back pain, it expands on the third phase of treatment to include strengthening and flexabilty exercises and the six educational principles from our Perfect Posture Program. The strenghtening and reeducation phase of the postural system is the key to long term resolution of chronic back conditions of mechanical origin. You can learn more about our Postural Rehabilitation Program here.


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