Balance & Fall Prevention Survey


We all know that as we get older we generally get stiffer, less mobile and less stable. In fact, for most of us this process starts around 55 years old. However, many of these problems are actually preventable if detected early enough and treated appropriately.

At Beaches Osteopathic Centre we have specific expertise in balance and postural restoration, movement re-education and falls prevention.  We have specialised technical knowledge and experience in measuring balance, and screening for future mobility problems.

The purpose of our survey is to find out if you have any concerns about your mobility, if you are aware of the importance of balance screening, of what can be done to improve your mobility and to get an overall picture of your lifestyle and asperations. Obtaining these important insights will assist us in creating an educational process specifically catered to those who experience mobility and stability issues, and also develop rehabilitation programs that best meet their needs.

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As a thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey, can download a FREE copy of our ebook, “FIVE STEPS TO BETTER BALANCE” here.

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First thing to do is get your balance checked. We provide a very accurate, non-invasive service. We can also determine the cause of instability and devise a therapy program especially for you to give you back your confidence and mobility.

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