Better Balance Screen

Are you concerned about your balance?
Have you noticed yourself getting stiff and less mobile?
Have you noticed yourself having difficulty getting out of a chair or turning over?
Do you find yourself avoiding certain activities because you feel unsafe or think you might fall?

These are all signs of deteriorating balance
How Stable Are You?

As we age, our stability starts to drop and with it, our ability to perform activities with the same level of dexterity that we had previously.

From the age of 55 it can drop off markedly, particularly if we are not doing much exercise, are overweight, or are taking two or more medications.

In the past, we have lacked a quick, efficient and accurate way of measuring your balance, and therefore you wouldn't be referred for balance exercises, until you stop moving because you feel unsafe, or because you start falling.

Technology changes all this!

We now have the ability to measure and analyse your balance quickly, accurately and non invasively.

Which means that we can make very specific exercise programs to restore mobility and reduce the risk of falling
Since 2009 we have been measuring balance and restoring stability through our unique Better Balance and Better Movement Programs

We use a tool called computerised posturography which is both a clinical research and rehabilitation tool for balance. It consists of a sensitive pressure plate, on which you stand, and measures the amount and direction in which you move under controlled conditions.

Since 2009 we have analysed hundreds of postural signatures from patients with chronic back pain, balance problems and movement disorders. In fact, one of the common signs of chronic lower back pain is that it starts to affect your stability which in turn leads to more back pain, so you end up in a vicious cycle.

Testing is quick, non invasive and very accurate

The causes of deteriorating balance are numerous, and it simply isn't possible to put together a good rehabilitation program without knowing:
how stable you are, where the problem lies, and how your postural system behaves when stressed.

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