The Better Back Program is designed for people with chronic spinal pain.

Part of the reason back pain becomes chronic, is due to loss of integrity in the control of our posture.

In the first part of this program, we focus on repairing your back by:

  • Getting the inflammation down
  • Getting your spine moving
  • Repairing the soft-tissue damage

Then once you are out of pain, we analyse your posture with a tool called computerised posturography which enables us to see how the reflexes that hold you upright respond to different situations. This means we can see the particular postural characteristics in action that have caused your problem, and create specific rehabilitation to address them. 

We correct these habits, by teaching you our six principles of posture from our Perfect Posture Program, and with specific functional exercises that strengthen you and improve your spinal movement so that you keep yourself active and pain free in to the future.

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