​​​​​The Better Balance Program is designed for people who are losing stability.

As we age our stability starts to decrease. In the early stages we are unaware of it as a balance problem, but we do notice it as stiffness in our back and in our legs. Ultimately we become less mobile and eventually we get to the stage where we need support, or we start falling.

The first step in the Better Balance Program is a Balance Screen (see below) which tells us what your stability is, and whether you are at risk of a fall and whether you are suitable for this program. Then we run further tests to determine which part of your balance system is most affected.

There are two parts to treatment. First, we put you through our movement reeducation program (our Perfect Posture Program with some additional exercises). Then we work specifically on postural reflexes. These are the reflexes that your body uses to keep you upright and we deduce how well they are working from the Better Balance Screen.

Finally, we retest you to see how much your balance has improved.

It  is not a one size fits all prescription, it is tailored program to your specific requirements. It is however built on a system that follows a series of the following steps:

  1. The physical ability to move your joints and muscles
  2. the ability to hold yourself upright (postural control)
  3. the ability to control how you shift your weight so that you can get out of chair or walk (balance)

For twelve years we have been running rehabilitation programs for individuals who have physical problems, balance problems or neurological problems affecting their movement. We have been measuring degrees of impairment with a tool called computerised posturogaphy which measures movement, and from this we have been able to design very specific and effective rehabilitation.

From our years of data collection, we have formalised this program that is built on specific steps and milestones that builds back into your nervous system the building blocks of balance . The sequencing is important, hence why we have formalised it into a specific program.

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Wish to get started? Book a Better Balance Screen Below. Please bring any reports and scans to your consultation.

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Not Sure if You Need to Take this Program?

The First Step is to Have Your Balance Tested

How we control our centre of balance is crucial for every movement we make and which we tend to take for granted until it becomes a problem.

Most people have no idea how stable they are or how efficiently they move, or even if they are at risk of having a fall.

Once we’ve tested your balance, we will know straight away how stable you are and if this program is suitable for you. The analysis that we get enables us to efficiently target your particular postural characteristics and accurately assess the conditions and circumstances in which you are likely to fall.

This means that we can then build a treatment plan for you based on your specific characteristics right now and get immediate feedback as to how your treatment is progressing.


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