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The Lymphatic System

      The Lymphatic System   Today we're going to introduce you to your lymphatic system. What it is, what it does, and why Osteopaths loves it so much? So, what is the lymphatic system? One part of it is a collection of small tubes found right...

The Importance Of Movement

             The Importance of Movement As this is #WomensHealthWeek, and the theme is 'the Importance of Movement', I thought I'd write about what happens as we get older and how are movement is affected. We are born without the ability to control much of...

Spring Reminder!

    Spring Reminder Now that the weather is warming up, we see a lot more people outdoors tending to their garden, going for a walk in the sunshine, playing a game of golf or even braving the not so warm ocean water for a swim. While it is fantastic to see...

Scoliosis Part 3

               Scoliosis Part 3   21 July 2019 In our final post of the 3 part series on scoliosis, I'm addressing osteopathic treatment options. If your child does have an idiopathic scoliosis, then the main treatment progression is: Physical therapy...

Scoliosis Part 2

               Scoliosis Part 2   14 July 2019 In this second part on idiopathic scoliosis, I’m going to talk about what happens to the spine. It is the nature of the anatomy of the spinal joints that whenever the spine bends to the side, it also induces...

Scoliosis Part 1

     Scoliosis Part 1 7 July 2019 I have decided to write a short series of posts on scoliosis.  This was prompted by a young girl who came into my office recently; she had developed a scoliosis and neither she nor her mother had realised it. This is...

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