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Balance develops from the early skills of sitting upright, crawling and standing.

Balance is the ability of a child to discern where he or she is within their environment and make the postural adjustments necessary to firstly, keep themselves upright, and secondly perform the tasks that they want to do.

This requires the efficient control of head, eyes and spine and we develop specific postural reflexes to enable us to accomplish this.

Development of these reflexes is paramount for the child’s ability to coordinate its activities not just in terms of running, walking, jumping or kicking a ball but also in terms of their ability to read, concentrate and learn.

Head control and eye control are vital for reading and if these reflexes are not working well then the child must use their brain power to concentrate harder which is slower and very tiring.

The ability to learn new physical tasks (motor learning) is a similar process to learning in the classroom. Children having difficulty with balance and coordination will often experience difficulty in picking up new information. We can measure motor learning, and develop programs to improve it.

At BOC we have programs designed to help development of posture, balance and coordination.

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