Muscle, Tendon & Joint Problems

We are highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of common musculoskeletal complaints such as neck pain, back pain, tendonitis and joint problems. We also practice holistically including diet and lifestyle advice as well as provide posture and exercise prescription. Learn More

Childhood Development

We treat children of all ages from birth through to adulthood. We look at structural development in terms of alignment, posture and movement. We also look at neurological development in terms of milestones, co-ordination, balance, and movement control. We have specific programs for specific concerns. Learn More

Computerised Dynamic Posturography

We use Computerised Dynamic Posturography (CDP) for quick and accurate assessment of balance and stability in both adults and children. We also run a Fall Prevention and Screening Program for early balance issue identification. Learn More

Falls Assessment and Balance Rehabilitation

We have expert care in the management craniomandibular dysfunction. We work closely with dentists and orthodontists to provide diagnostics and dental appliances. Learn More

Jaw Assessment and Treatment

We have specific expertise in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions such as Parkinson ’s disease, Stroke, abnormalities of gait, balance and co-ordination. Learn More

Neurological Rehabilitation

We are skilled in the diagnosis and management of sporting injuries, whether it’s a direct trauma or a chronic condition that keeps recurring we can help you return to the sport you love.  Learn More

Sports Injuries

Learn More