Falls Assessment & Balance Rehabilitation

Are you concerned your balance is deteriorating?

Are you worried that there is nothing you can do about it?

Tony Tranfield has a special interest in fall prevention, postural rehabilitation and movement re-education. He has 10 years experience in neurological rehabilitation, and is a pioneer in the use of computerised posturography for assessment and rehabilitation of postural control, balance and movement.

We work with:

  • Children in development of posture balance and coordination;
  • Patients with chronic spinal pain;
  • Patients with deteriorating balance;
  • Patients with movement disorders and other neurological conditions; and
  • Athletes and dancers wishing to improve their overall performance.

Using computerised posturography, we are able to make very detailed assessments and highly specific diagnoses. We observe and detect your specific postural characteristics and breakdown in control which may result in a serious fall, then apply specific therapy and a personalised Postural Rehabilitation Program (PRP).

Complete Falls Risk Assessment (FRA)

Quantifies your risk of falling;,Identifies the likely cause;,Identifies your postural “character” and likely direction of a fall; and,Provides us with precise information to create a specifically tailored postural rehabilitation program for you.

Postural Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

This is a six week individually assessed and tailored program especially designed to:

  • Enhance your stability;
  • Improve your walking;
  • Increase the strength in your legs; and
  • Boost your fitness and endurance.

At the end of your program we retest your stability, quantifying improvement and advise you on how to maintain those improvements.

Please see “Reduce Falls & Improve Movement & Balance At Any Age” for further information.

If you would like further information, please call on 02 9913 7900 and request a copy of our FREE Ebook “5 Steps To Better Balance” which includes a simple self assessment checklist.