Fall Prevention Program

Falls Prevention

Should you participate in the Falls Prevention Program?

If you are unsure as to whether you need to do a fall prevention program then we recommend a Falls Risk Assessment first.

Our Falls Risk Assessment is a screen to quantify your level of stability. We use Computerised Dynamic Posturography (CDP) to do this.

If you know that you have a balance problem, then our Fall Prevention Program consists of an initial focused history, and comprehensive examination including posturographic analysis with our CDP equipment.

This enables us to quantify impairment, and detect where the most likely cause of the impairment is. Most importantly we are also able to measure during the course of the program to see how effective our therapy is and adjust it if necessary.

Our treatment is innovative, and include manual therapies and specific sensory stimulations dictated by your stability scores and particular postural character. We also tailor specific rehabilitation exercises to you, reeducate your posture, and provide exercises for you to do at home.

Please call reception on 02 9913 7900 to make a booking and ask for a dizziness questionnaire.