Falls For Professionals

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There are over 1000 hip fractures a day in the United States alone, what can be done?

There are 1,000 hip fractures every day in the United States, over 90% of which are caused by falls. “Falls Among Older Adults: An Overview.” Centre for Disease Control and Prevention 2009″

The most consistent predictors of future falls are clinically detected abnormalities of gait or balance (Ganz et al, “Will My Patient Fall” JAMA, (2008) 297(1):77.

Force platform balance tests provide valid information of postural control that can be used to predict falls risk even among older people without apparent balance problems or fall history (Pajala et al, “Force Platform Balance Measures as Predictors of Indoor and Outdoor Falls in Community-Dwelling Women Aged 63-76 Years.” Journal of Gerontology, (2008) Vol. 63A, No. 2, 171-17.

Most falls can be prevented with early identification, assessment and treatment. But often patients don’t mention that they have a balance problem, either because they don’t know or because they are afraid to tell you for fear of loosing their independence.

Our Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems (CAPS™) uses a patented process to quickly screen and identify persons at increased risk of falling and objectively quantify their risk via age-based reference values. In addition to screening and identifying asymptomatic at-risk patients, we can also:

  • Conduct a complete mCTSIB test battery – the widely recognized standard for an initial balance evaluation using a force platform;
  • Help document medical necessity for further assessment testing and treatment;
  • Provide evidence of therapy progress; and
  • Document treatment outcomes.