Sports Injuries & Performance


At BOC we have the equipment and know-how to:

  • Manage common tendon injuries and muscle strains.
  • Manage injuries as a result of a biomechanical problem
  • Improve biomechanical efficiency and functional efficiency.

We are skilled in the diagnosis and management of sporting injuries whether it be a direct trauma or a chronic condition that keeps reoccurring. We have a thorough understanding of biomechanical principals and the impacts caused on joints and soft tissues from repetitive movements.

We utilise manual therapy, corrective exercise therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, taping and nutrition to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

In addition, we have specific expertise in the assessment, of gait, balance, coordination, and motor planning, and we have equipment that measures efficiency of movement, stability, reaction times, and power. This enables us to quantify inefficiencies in your movement quickly and accurately and develop specific training regimes that give you a competitive edge.

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