Footcare Program

Take Control of Your Foot Pain Today

Have you noticed your feet getting stiff or painful?

Are they getting numb, or are you afraid you might trip?

massage foot

Good footcare is vitally important for maintaining your mobility and your balance. Losing sensation in your feet is a common cause of trips and falls.
For this reason we have created out Better Footcare Program. This is not a podiatry program, this is a program designed to improve your circulation, reduce your pain and your numbness and get you mobile again.
Poor foot function is one on the major causes of balance problems and tripping. In our program we test you balance before and after, give you specific therapy to get your feet moving again and specific exercises to improve your mobility.
Due to the interest and popularity of our first seminar in March, we are doing another on Wednesday 2 May 2018! Dr. Tranfield will be presenting on the topic of foot pain, mobility and falls. In this action orientated seminar you will learn, WHY foot function is so important for your long-term mobility and quality of life, WHAT you need to do about it and 5 ACTIONS that you can apply NOW to get you back on your feet.
This presentation is a must attend:
  • If you have diabetes Type 1 or 2
  • If your feet are feeling stiff or heavy
  • If you have noticed your step is getting shorter
  • If you have been falling, or feel that you might fall
  • If you have circulatory problems in your legs
  • If you are a carer for someone with these concerns

Date: Wednesday 2 May 2018

Time: 6:30pm

Location:  Beaches Osteopathic Centre, 21/20 Wellington Street, NARRABEEN 2101

To register, please email Alex or call 02 9913 7900