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Jaw Pain And Headaches

Assessment & Treatment for Malocclusion

Malocclusion (poorly fitting bite) is a very common source of head and neck pain. It results in ‘clenching’, and ‘bruxing’ (grinding)  and is often missed as a source of headaches in physical therapy.

Your ‘bite’ (or occlusion) is determined by the shape and position of the teeth, the shape and position of the bones that your teeth sit in and condition and position of your jaw joints (TMJs).

Common dental and orthodontic approaches aim to move the teeth and then to build or reduce height until a comfortable position is achieved. However, neck posture influences jaw position as do twists through the head and face.

We work closely with several dentists in this area, or where possible with your dentist or orthodontist in order to provide a more integrative approach to Temperomandibular Joint (jaw) pain and bite correction.

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