Our special interest is in the rehabilitation of movement related problems, and below you can see the programs that we run.

Each program represents building blocks to the rehabilitation of movement related disorders and each program builds on the one previously.

  • Postural Education: Perfect Posture Online (Home Learning)
  • Postural Re-education: Perfect Posture Program (1:1 and Group Class)
  • Mechanical Rehabilitation: Better Back Program
  • The Control of Stability: Better Balance Program
  • The Control of Mobility: Better Movement Program

The video above explains in detail how this works.

We offer short courses of treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions. So why do a program?

The answer is that in some cases, to be most effective requires a number of different interventions at the same time and the logistics and planning of it is best served by a formularised system where all the elements come together in a specific order and at a specific time.

All programs with the exception of our Postural Education Program; Perfect Posture Online are individually tailored to your specific circumstances and condition.

What’s the next step?

Simply book an Initial consultation where we will take a history, perform an examination and discuss our findings with you, then formulate a treatment plan based on your goals and constraints. Click on the button below to book.

Alternatively, if you are particularly interested in your posture, or concerned about your balance you can book a posture screen or balance test from the home page.

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Perfect Posture Online is our unique six week postural education system that teaches you how to stand, sit and move from the ground up.

In this online course, we teach six principles that you can apply in your daily life to maintain a strong healthy spine.

This course is included as part of our rehabilitation if you are taking one of our 12 week programs, or you can take it on its own. A popular option is to take it with a Perfect Posture Screen with additional specific exercises to work on.




The Perfect Posture Program builds on the six week education system of Perfect Posture Online. We start with a Posture Screen where we analyse your posture in detail and design additional exercises specific to your condition. This program is provided in small classes as participants gain additional value from watching others.

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The Better Back Program is designed for people with chronic lower back pain. It is tailored individually to address pain, repair the tissue damage, re-educate your posture with our six principles that we teach in the Perfect Posture Program and Perfect Posture Online and then we strengthen you with specific functional exercises so that the problem does not reoccur.

Rehabilitation 3K scaled


Are you having difficulty getting out of a chair, feeing unsteady or getting anxious in some situations, or have you had a fall?

The Better Balance Program is a specific therapy and exercise regime based on the results of a comprehensive computerised posturographical analysis (Balance Test) which tells us how you will respond under postural challenge. (The conditions in which you are most likely to fall).

It includes our six postural principles from Perfect Posture Online as well as highly specific neurological rehabilitation.

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This program was originally developed for people who have a neurological disorder affecting their movement, such as a stroke or Parkinson’s Disease.  However, it is effective for anyone finding themselves getting stiff or are unable to move as freely as they used to.

It includes manual therapy for joint mobility, postural re-education using our six principles from Perfect Posture Online and neurological rehabilitation in movement planning, execution and feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do a program?

It is not necessary to do a program, but many times when you have a problem that is longstanding, it requires several different elements to bring it to resolution: education, specific exercises, physical treatment, lifestyle adaptation etc.

Some of these elements include online services, group classes and  1:1 delivery. Also, it is not just the delivery of these elements that’s important but the timing of the delivery. It therefore makes sense logistically and cost effectively to include them as one service with a single purpose.

We have found that packaging rehabilitation into a specific program provides clarity of method, milestones and purpose and ensures easier compliance with the treatment and better outcomes.

What do these programs do?

All these programs are designed to improve movement with what we call the three pillars of movement: mechanical mobility, postural stability and movement control and execution. Foundational to these three pillars is our system of education which you can take at home in the form of Perfect Posture Online or as a group class in the Perfect Posture Program.

Perfect Posture Online and the Perfect Posture Program are six week courses, The Better Back, Better Balance and Better Movement programs constitute our three pillar system, and are individually tailored usually running between 6-12 weeks.

We provide this information to convey the breadth of what we do. All you need to do is to book an initial visit where we will discuss your concerns and make an evaluation and recommendations based on your requirements. 

How long do they go for?

Perfect Posture Online and the Perfect Posture Program are six week educational programs.

Better Back, Better Balance and Better Movement programs are individually tailored but usually run between 6-12 weeks.

What are the program fees?

We have an online program called Perfect Posture Online which is $397.

We also have an inhouse program called Perfect Posture Program which is $597.

Other programs tailored individually, and are generally covered by health fund rebate if you have Extras cover.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No. All you need to do is to book online here, or telephone or email for an appointment.

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