‘I know I have bad posture’ is the single most common phrase we hear when someone consults us for back pain, neck pain or headaches.

But what is bad posture?

We all have preconceptions of what our posture should be, but rarely does it match what it actually is.

Posture is not about how we position ourselves, it’s about balance. It’s the ability to manage the tensions placed on our body by the effects of gravity in any given moment, by shifting our weight in the most efficient manner.

We have a postural system that is designed to balance us, hold us upright and control our movement, and when it starts to fail we lose spinal support which eventually leads to chronic pain.

The Perfect Education Program was developed by Osteopath Dr Tony Tranfield from 30 years of rehabilitation of chronic back pain, and 15 years of measuring balance and analysing posture with computerised posturography.

The program builds on our six week video education system called Perfect Posture Online.

We analyse your posture in detail and design additional exercises specific to your condition. This program is provided in small classes as participants gain additional value from watching others.

The purpose of the program is to teach you how your postural system works, so that you can use it in any situation , whether you are standing at a meeting, sitting at your desk or putting your child in the back of the car.

It is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their posture from children aged eight and above, right through to seniors.

Over six weeks of guided instruction and exercises, we take you through our six principles that activate your postural system in the way it’s designed to work, and strengthen and re-educate your spine.

In particular, we teach you the keys to getting the right balance when you stand, how to activate the right muscles when you sit or when you lift an object and much more.

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Which Posture Program is Right For me?

Perfect Posture Online is available to anyone who wishes to work on their posture in the comfort of their own home. This is a six-week self paced program with a lesson per week and simple exercises to re-enforce the lesson. The program requires a commitment of just 7 minutes in the morning to review your exercise which you then apply during your day. (For best results we recommend you do a 7 minute review in the evening of how you performed during your day). If you require support or motivation we also offer online coaching with this program. Find out more here.

Postural Education Program is the curriculum of Perfect Posture Online provided as 6 classes over 6 weeks. In addition, it includes exercises relating specifically to your posture. This is a great program for anyone with mild back pain, or requiring occupational advice and support.

Postural Rehabilitation Program is designed for people who have chronic spinal pain, or are losing stability, or have significant mobility problems. It was originally developed for people with brain injury or movement disorders who have they balance and movement affected. However we have also found it to be very successful for people with chronic spinal pain.

The key focus of the program is to build stability through improving weight-shifting efficiency. Without stability there can be no improvement in mobility or long term resolution of spinal pain. If you think that this program maybe right for you. the next step is to book an Initial Consultation here. We only recommend this program if it is suitable for you. You can find out more about this program here.


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It is used as part of the rehabilitation of chronic back pain in our Better Back Program to prevent poor postural habits returning.


Perfect Posture Online is our unique six week postural education system that teaches you how to stand, sit and move from the ground up.

In this online course, we teach six principles that you can apply in your daily life to maintain a strong healthy spine.

This course is included as part of our rehabilitation if you are taking one of our 12 week programs, or you can take it on its own. A popular option is to take it with a Perfect Posture Screen with additional specific exercises to work on.


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