Are you someone who sits all day, or do you find that you are tired or sore after a day’s work?


The last two years have seen a structural change in how we work. Many of us are working from home and spending many hours in poor workplace setup and on conference software.

Our Postural Ergonomic Program is focused on the individual rather than furniture. We get you to take pictures of your workplace setup, and then fill out a questionnaire. We then organise a virtual workplace assessment, with you where we look at:

  • How well you are able to move
  • How much activity you have during your day
  • How well your ergonomic setup is working.

After your assessment you will be given an occupational report with an occupational score.

Part of our recommendations include access to our postural education program Perfect Posture Online.

Perfect Posture Online is a six week program which teaches you how you postural system works and comes with simple exercises to re-educate your posture.

In addition we give you specific recommendations and specific exercises to do to improve your occupational score.

We then do a reassessment with you six weeks later to re-evaluate your occupational score.

The fee for the program is $550.

For more information please email:

The Postural Ergonomic Program is created by Dr Tranfield. As well as his many talents, Dr Tranfield is also a Postural Ergonomist. You can find our more here.

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