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tt circularWhat is a Posture and Growth Check?

The purpose of a Posture and Growth Check is to make sure that your child is meeting their developmental milestones, and are growing up to be as healthy as possible.

This has been especially important in recent years as our children have become more reliant on digital devices for school, social interaction and entertainment.

 A posture and growth check involves a physical exam and postural evaluation where we look at:

–  Growth and symmetry ( like, hip height, shoulder height, and head position)
–  Joint mobility, postural behaviour and control (sitting, standing and walking)
–  General muscle tone, balance, coordination and movement (such as walking and running).

We then provide the best recommendations on posture, backpack use, referrals to other professional as needed, and specific exercises and/or physical therapy.


children posturePostural Re-education

If you are concerned about your child’s posture, we run a special postural re-education program (we’ll tell you if they need it after the Posture Check). This presentation here on Posture Correction for Children explains a little bit about it, as well as advice on how to get your child to sit up straight, and advice on using a phone, laptop and playstation.

PLEASE NOTE this presentation is part of our introduction to Perfect Posture Online which is a video education program on postural correction. You don’t have to purchase it, as it is included FREE to patients taking one of our in-house programs.

We recommend all children between the ages of 6 to 16 have a growth check at least twice a year, in order to make sure they are growing straight, that they do not have any growth problems that need urgent attention, and that they are developing good postural habits that will last them a lifetime.



If your child is between the ages on 11-14 a scoliosis check is very important. A scoliosis is a curve in the back that develops quite suddenly. It happens in girls more than boys, and can easily be missed when young girls become self-conscious about covering themselves up. See a blog post on scoliosis here.

To Book a Posture and Growth Check simply make an appointment below and fill in an intake for for your child.



Posture & Growth Check $49 

(Usually $115 for Initial Visit) Health Fund Rebates Apply




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