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What is Our Postural Rehabilitation Program?

The Postural Rehabilitation Program is designed for people who have chronic spinal pain, or are losing stability, or have significant mobility problems. It was originally developed for people with brain injury or movement disorders who have they balance and movement affected. However we have also found it to be very successful for people with chronic spinal pain.

The key focus of the program is to build stability through improving weight-shifting efficiency. Without stability there can be no improvement in mobility or long term resolution of spinal pain. This is part of our Posture-Balance Connection framework.

It  is not a one size fits all prescription, it is tailored program to your specific requirements. It is however built on  a system that follows a series of steps:

  1. Restoring your physical ability to move your joints and muscles
  2. Restoring your ability to hold yourself upright (postural control)
  3. Restoring your ability to control how you shift your weight so that you can get out of chair or walk (balance)
  4. Restoring your ability to perform complex activities (planning, learning and coordinating new tasks).

This is a 12 week program. It includes postural, stability and movement analysis on a posturographic pressure plate, and our 6 week video education program ‘Perfect Posture Online’.

The first step in the program is to have a Posture and Balance Assessment. From this we can determine how stable you are, and how efficiently you move, and whether this program is suitable for you.

Youi can click the button below to get a special offer on a Posture and Balance Assessment. (Special Offer is for an Initial Appointment Only).

If you are feeling stiff, have chronic spinal pain, finding it difficult to get out of a chair, or avoiding activities where you might feel unsecure, then the Posture & Balance Assessment is a quick, efficient and accurate way of measuring your balance. Once we know what your stability is, it is often relatively easy to provide you with the exercises, therapy and education needed to improve your stability and get you moving freely with confidence again.


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Dr Tony Tranfield D.O.

is an Osteopath, practicing on the Northern Beaches of Sydney since 1996. He holds post graduate training in neurological rehabilitation and computerised posturography. He has a special interest in posture, balance and movement, and has developed specific diagnostics, rehabilitation, therapy for posture and balance related problems.

A big part of what we do is education, and Dr Tranfield has created an online video education program for postural stability called ‘Perfect Posture Online’, which was developed from years of postural rehabilitation using computerised posturography.

You can see his full biography here

There are 1,000 hip fractures every day in the United States, over 90% of which are caused by falls.

“Falls Among Older Adults: An Overview.” Centre for Disease Control and Prevention 2009″

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