Back Pain Relief

Do you have lower back pain?

Is it becoming more debilitating?

Have you noticed yourself getting stiffer or slower, or even unsteady on your feet?


We have a unique system designed to get you moving again, that targets:

  • Your pain
  • Repairs your back
  • Rehabilitates your spine, and
  • Retrains your posture

It includes:

  • A detailed Spinal Assessment revealing the underlying cause of your back pain.
  • Detailed posture and stability analysis using Posturography highlighting your postural character and the habitual movements that contribute to your back pain.
  • A tailored physical therapy and rehabilitation program addressing your specific problem and retraining your postural system.
  • Retesting with Posturography quantifying your improvement, and we also show you how to maintain your improvement into the future.

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