Computerised Dynamic Posturography

Computerised Dynamic Posturography (CDP) involves the use of a plate with very sensitive pressure sensors. The subject stands on the plate and the software detects the amount of pressure being applied at each sensor. It then calculates the centre of pressure and degree of postural sway.

In our Narrabeen office we have a Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems (CAPS™), which is a self levelling force plate with specialised software.

This enables us to run a number of tests in relation to balance and postural control.

Similar tests can be run in a variety of different ways to test the balancing system. For instance we could get you to stand on some foam, close your eyes, or perform some eye tracking or head turning manoeuvres. Moreover this can be done so swiftly that it enables us to re-evaluate and adjust treatment on the fly meaning that we can get (and document) much quicker changes in balance and postural control.

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