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1 April 2020

As an allied health service, we are deemed essential by the Australian Government and are still open for normal osteopathic treatments. As we want to support you as best we can during this particularly challenging time, we are pleased to announce the introduction of an additional service called Telehealth Consultations.

Telehealth Consultations are actually something we’ve been planning for some time, and which I was going to introduce with our Perfect Posture Online program scheduled for release in the coming weeks. However, due to the current circumstances, telehealth will become a normal option to deliver some essential health services, information and supportIndeed, many general practitioners have already adopted this treatment model recently, and Medicare has also added telehealth consultations as a bulk billing item.

We have setup telehealth appointments for you if you have a condition that we have treated in the past, or a new condition that you are concerned about but do not wish to currently leave your home.

Telehealth Consultations are also available to individuals who haven’t seen us before, where I conduct a full interview, order tests and imaging, offer advice and in some cases prescribed exercises before having a full inhouse assessment.

Telehealth Consultation is an appointment delivered online. We have special software designed for this task that includes encrypted transmission for security, as well as the ability to deliver exercises and other resources directly to you. It enables us to:
•    Discuss your main concerns.
•    In many cases, make a clear diagnosis.
•    Discuss your treatment plan.
•    Provide immediate advice, recommendations and support.
•    Prescribe relevant exercises and deliver them to you through our online portal.
•    Provide lifestyle and dietary advice.
•    Prescribe supplements (if necessary).

In most cases, at the end of a telehealth consult you will know if you require any inhouse physical therapy.

•    Call (02) 9913 7900 to book your 20min telehealth appointment. We will then discuss with you whether this service is appropriate for your condition.
•    Payment is required over the phone to confirm your booking.
•    You will then receive a confirmation email of your appointment, and email/text reminders as per usual.
•    A paid invoice and receipt will be promptly emailed to you by Alex. (You can still claim your usual health fund rebate via their mobile phone app or website – check with your health fund first).
•    Finally, you will receive an email link to our secure exercise software to access over a web browser, or via an app on your tablet or smartphone.

•    Make sure you are ready and on time for your telehealth consult appointment.
•    Treat it exactly like you would a regular treatment at our practice, and make sure your environment is quiet and private.
•    If you have questions you’d like to address during this consult, please email them to Alex at prior to your appointment.

I would like to invite you to try our new service for yourself by calling (02) 9913 7900 to book a FREE 10 minute check in. I will then show you how I can deliver relevant exercises, as well as monitor your progress.

We look forward to continuing to support you!

Website Introductory Offer $97

Happy to book your appointment online?

Receive our special offer (usually $115) when booking through this website.

(private health fund rebates apply) 

*This offer is available for the initial appointment only. Standard fee for an initial Consultation is $115

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