Why Exercise?

Exercise programs are an important part of our total approach. At Beaches Osteopathic Centre you will learn an exercise program specifically designed for your body to complement your treatment. In conjunction with osteopathic care, we aim to correct the imbalances in the body and prevent re-injury in the future.

Why is exercise rehabilitation important?

You are recovering from an injury:

  • Optimising your performance and protect from injury;
  • Improving your posture;
  • During pregnancy when your body is accommodating to support changing loads and preparing for different bending lifting and carrying activities in the future; or
  • Lifestyle – if you are asking your body to maintain a certain position for an extended period of time such as while you are sitting at a desk.

Exercise programs may include:

  • Flexibility;
  • Stretches for your tight muscles;
  • Strengthening exercises for the weak muscles;
  • Target specific areas that are issues for your body;
  • Endurance exercises;
  • Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries;
  • Postural rehabilitation;
  • Childhood development and balance rehabilitation;
  • Postural education; and
  • Movement reprogramming to correct old habits.